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Cycling in Gloucester

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Cycle parking at Gloucester station, on the second longest railway platform in Britain (just over 600m) - this is between the two active halves.

The lines of desire - Bicycle and Footprints in the miry clay, where a Segregated Bicycle Lane is desperately needed along St Oswalds Road, Gloucester. Wide roads and narrow paths abound here.

Take the rough or the smooth? Left a nice surface to ride a normal Bicycle. Right an awful rough and ready track which is not good enough for normal Bicycles.

New Tarmac and Old Barriers. Very poor Obstruction in Hempsted.

Bridge over the River Severn.

Twists and turns to cross the road by Bicycle. Slightly better here for protection apart from the Zig Zag manoeuvres someone on a Bicycle has to make.

How not to design a junction which a very poor design that does not have a proper Protected Intersection.

Bicycle Path continues but the old 1930s planners sent Bicycle Riders into the road. The person on a Bicycle needs more protection from traffic at junctions.

The 1930s Inter War Era Bicycle Path in Estcourt Road, Gloucester.

Cycleway or Side Street. Estcourt Road.

A Sign which is telling the motorists not to park here. The Bicycle Path is there.

The National Cycle Network NCN 41 barrier collection.

Under the A40 road underpass for Bicycles with a Walkway for Walkers.

Slightly steep incline but away from traffic.

Underpass at Elmbridge Court Roundabout under the A417.

An underpass under the A417. Elmbridge Burger Roundabout.

Under the A40 Golden Valley in Churchdown.

Underpass under the A40 Golden Valley By-Pass/Elmbridge Court Roundabout in Churchdown.

Underpass under the A40.

Another poorly positioned Sign in the middle of the Bicycle Path.

Traffic Light Sign placed on the Bicycle Path sending out the wrong signals to hinder Bicycle users.

The first of the far too many obstacles on the poorly designed National Cycle Network NCN 41 from Gloucester to Cheltenham.

Barriers and a Lamppost in the very narrow John Woods Alley in Gloucester on the poorly designed National Cycle Network NCN 41.

The poorly designed National Cycle Network NCN 41 in John Woods Alley, Gloucester. It is far too narrow and an obstacle course.

Barrier where there is no Dropped Kerb when the Signed National Cycle Network (NCN) 41 points to the left. A right palaver!

Traffic Lights on a Table Top Crossing. Cheltenham Road in Longlevens, Gloucester.

Barriers Galore.

A Table Top Crossing. Oxstalls Campus, University of Gloucestershire.

The poorly designed National Cycle Network (NCN 41) which is too narrow and is a barrier to progress in more ways than one.

National Cycle Network 41 (NCN 41) Obstacles.

The 1930s style Cycleway with a Bus Halt Lay-by breech. Estcourt Road, Gloucester.

A 1930s style Cycleway with a Bus Halt Lay-by making a breech. Now part of the National Cycle Network NCN 41.

The Round and Red Warning Sign is 20 mph (miles per hour) which is a good size, whilst the Blue Direction Sign is too small to Gloucester City Centre.

Westgate Bridges the in Westgate Street, Gloucester. The Shared Use Bicycle Bridge has a steeper pitch than the Road Bridges.

Westgate Bridges, the Bicycle Walkway Bridge is steep pitch and was not renewed when the two Road Bridges either side of it were replaced.

Bicycle Parking Stalling in Northgate Street.

Signs, Pillars and Posts and Railings. Two one way Bicycle Paths with a Bus Lane in Northgate Street, Gloucester. View towards Black Dog Way where the pathway is across the Crossing.

Bus and Cycle Lane in Northgate Street in Gloucester. Equipped with Tactile Paving and a Sign.

The End of the Token Segregated Bicycle Path as well as the Bus Lane. There are Bicycle Stalls. Northgate Street across Black Dog Way and Bruton Way towards London Road which goes under the South Wales Railway in Gloucester.

Northgate Street to London Road in Gloucester. A token Bicycle Path with some Segregation.

Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester.

Townham Bridge over the South Wales Railway on Alney Island.

Utterly Useless Obstruction and No Dropped Kerb for Bicycles.

Silly Sign to the always locked gate.

WARNING! An Awful 'A' Frame on Alney Island. An obstruction and a clear DANGER! The Surface is liable to be touched by Bicycle Handlebars and hands of the riders, hence is a potential risk of being smitten with Coronavirus-Covid-19. The ... [more]

Sula Lightship. Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.

High Orchard Bridge unmetalled Canal Towpath which is made of very rough old railway ballast and it is so uncomfortable to ride a Bicycle here. On the left is a kerb over the drain in the awful unfinished ground work.

High Orchard Bridge. Here the Lifting Bridge has Shared Use Bicycle and Walking over the Canal and Towpath on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. The Shared Use Towpath is metalled here but not underneath the bridge.

Llanthony Secunda Priory Bicycle Parking. Llanthony Secunda Priory is in Gloucester. The original Llanthony Priory is the Black Mountains in Monmouthshire. Gerald of Wales is associated with Gloucester.

Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester Docks. Bicycles and Walkers mostly cross the lifting bridge deck, with the odd Taxi and very rare Bus.

Llanthony Road and Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester Docks. Mostly used by Bicycles and Foot, seldom used by Taxi or rare by Bus.

Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester Docks. There is mostly Bicycles and Walking on the deck of the lifting bridge crossing over.

Llanthony Bridge over the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal in Gloucester Docks. The Bridge only allows for Bicycles, Walking, Buses and Taxis. Dutch design lift bridge allowing for Ships and Canal Boats in Gloucester.

The beginning of the Bicycle road paint along Worcester Street which ends at the start of the designated on street parking on the left. Whilst on the right is the Advanced Stop Line (ASL) which is to enable Bicycles to go in front of waiti ... [more]

Turnpike House in Kingsholm Road. The start of the road paint for Bicycles towards Gloucester. Going to Longford it is better to turn left into Sandhurst Road and use the Shared Use Crossing as the Tewkesbury Road Roundabout and Traffic ... [more]

Cycleway Sign. The Bicycle Path easily curves with a right angle view of traffic when crossing the road. No tight turns here for people on Bicycles.

Shared Use Bicycle and Footpath with out Traffic Lights for Pedestrian and Bicycle users. Going from Tewkesbury Road turning into Estcourt Road which is a blind corner. The accelerating traffic from Tewkesbury Road Roundabout/Traffic Circ ... [more]

Copper Beech by the Bicycle Path.

Traffic Lights on the Cycleway and Footway. The turn is tight across the road.

Cassies Crossing.

Shared Use Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Light Crossing in St Oswald's Road. Photo taken from Sandhurst Road across the road is Sandhurst Lane which does not have a Shared Use Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Crossing or Traffic Calming. So ... [more]

A Wee sign telling people about Air Pollution. On the Middle of a post on the Shared Use Path. Priory Road is an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) which sign does not say. It does mention Bicycles and Walking. "Pollution Fact #1 Pollut ... [more]

Golden Opportunity to go into Gloucester City Center by Bicycle or on Foot under the trees. Deans Walk by the South Wales Railway.

Red Alert! Red Shared Space Sign. The space of the road is supposed to be shared Cars/Bicycles/Pedestrians and 20mph upper speed limit in the upper part of Commercial Road. Maybe the vulnerable road user on a Bicycle or on Foot can find t ... [more]

Seen from the Bicycle Saddle this beautiful Maple in Deans Way. This Street has an official 20mph Limit as well as Traffic Calming. The Traffic Calming reduces Rat Run car use making the Street Safer for Cycling. The streets in Kingsholm ... [more]

Hare Lane has easy access for Bicycles to go into Gloucester City Centre as well as leave. It is forbidden for cars to enter here but they can go out along this part of the street. The Bicycle has better mobility in the historic city centr ... [more]

Under the Arches of the South Wales Railway. Park Street left which is one-way and Hare Lane which is two-way. Going by Bicycle into Gloucester City Centre then Hare Lane only is used whilst going out towards Kingsholm and Longford then b ... [more]

Coach and Horses, Gloucester. The Blue Sign suggests left to Longford and Kingsholm, but that doesn't seem right judging by the map. This is Hare Lane and if you take everything out of the blue you will be made into an auld hare!

Dangerous Cycleway Design forcing the person on a Bicycle into the path of the prevailing traffic. The Zebra Crossing has been built out for Pedestrian safety yet adversely comprises the Cyclists safety. The SLOW road paint is where the p ... [more]

Here there is road paint which shows the Bicycle Lane marking end yet the kerbs allow for Bicycles to turn left from Kingsholm Road into Sandhurst Road. These Hatching Diagonal Lines are more for the errant motorists which are inclined to ... [more]

Estcourt Road has some Cycletracks from the Inter War Era. They could be updated into proper Dutch Style Segregated Bicycle Paths. Here is the Shared Use Bicycle and Footpath. The work to improve the Crossings with Safe to use at the bus ... [more]

Around the Houses. There are Barriers Galore on this Shared Use Path. A very long and slow way to go around the Houses. These Barriers hinder everyone on Foot and Bicycle. They could be removed and replaced by tactile paving.

The Shared Use Bicycle Path is Segregated from the Motorised Road Traffic. However it does not go all the way to Tewkesbury. Here there are distances measured in time not mileages which is not very useful as people travel at different rat ... [more]

Awful Anti-Bicycle Obstruction under the South Wales Railway on Alney Island, Gloucester. A Mental Metal Contraption to stop Bicycles on the National Cycleway Network. It locks people out with Dutch Bicycles, Tandems, Wide Handlebars, lik ... [more]

Utterly ridiculous sign for people using bicycles on the Bicycle Path. It is not clever to have End of Route when the Bicycle Path carries onwards. Likewise the Cyclists Dismount sign is also silly as the side road is seldom used and is g ... [more]

I'm not normally one for ragging on my colleagues but this shiny new car park at Gloucester station is an active travel crime scene. True @bollocksinfra

Unusual triple shared route sign in Gloucester - especially as the road has a pavement for pedestrians!

Cycle parking at a Gloucester school.

Gloucester ... bicycles.

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